bornholmer røgerierne

All three smokehouses operate as a shop and as a restaurant. We have a very large and varied selection of delicious smoked fish specialties, various salads, a la carte menu and, of course our big and very popular fish buffet.

Buffet 185,-

Eas as much as you like

Marinated, curry, and mustard herring with onions and eggs. Hammershus spiced herring. The Bornholm specialty: salted herring with caramelised onions, beets and Bornholmmustard. Cold-smoked salmon with dill dressing. Smoked mackerel in six different spice mixes. Pickled fried herring. Smoked herring and smoked herring fillet. Homemade Bornholm salad. Goma wakame seaweed salad. Potato salad. Shrimps with lemon and mayonnaise. Homemade fish cakes with remoulade and breaded fish fillets with lemon and of course bread from our local bakery.

a la carte Menu

Sol over Gudhjem - very popular Bornholm specialty

Smoked eal on rye bread with scramble egg and chives
Shrimps on french bread with mayonnaise, lemon and dill
Smoked salmon on french bread with scrambled egg and dill
Smoked eel on rye bread with scrambled egg and chives
Pickled fried herring with rye bread with butter and onion
Smoked herring with radish, chives, rye bread and butter
Warm smoked salmon with served with potato salad, or french fries or bread
Smoked mackerel filet served with potato salad, or french fried or bread

Homemade salted and fried herring with rye bread, caramelised onions, mustard and beets
Breaded and fried shrimps with dressing and lemon , served with french fries

Fish and chips with tartarsauce and lemon
Breaded fish fillet with dressing and lemon served with potato salad or french fries or bread
Pommes frites with remoulade, ketchup or mayonnaise
The smokehouse´s fish cakes served with potato salad or french fries or bread

The butchers own meatballs served with potato salad or french fries or bread

Menus shown above are only a selection and can variate